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My father taught me from early age the importance of helping people. It was his passion. 

It led him to fighting for our country in the Navy during the Second World War. As an operator of the 16”/50 caliber Mark 7 guns on the USS-Iowa, he was deployed 1944 to conduct an anti-shipping sweep with the goal of destroying enemy naval vessels around Japan. 

He was always interested in medicine and aspired to be a doctor. When He returned home from the war, he met the woman who would become his wife and my mother. Their desire to start a family quickly altered his path and he became a Pharmacist. He went to work for his brothers-in-law father who already owned a small but successful drug store chain in Detroit. 

Not only did my father teach me how to “swab the deck” (meaning he taught me how to really clean). When all the other men in the family found their place on the couch after dinner, he always stayed behind to help my mom and/my aunt in the kitchen cleaning up. At a young age he would take me to work, actually he would “put me to work!” I started out mopping and cleaning and eventually learned how to stock the shelves, check in product shipments and maintain the backroom of his drug stores. 

Eventually I went to pharmacy school at Ferris State and then to Wayne. After college things took me in another direction. I bought my first cousin’s knife and gift store in an indoor mall. It allowed me to find my own passion of helping others. After nearly 20 years the store finally outlived its use and closed in 1998. as so many other mom and pops business did. 

It was then I realized that owning real estate was vital and since I loved helping people, I studied for the real estate course and became a licensed Realtor. As they say, the rest is history. I’ve worked with people now for 20 years realize their dreams of home ownership as well as helped many homeowners transition from one home to another for a number of different reasons. Such as school changes, job changes, retirement, vacation homes, people transferring to and from the Michigan, etc etc etc. 

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We use many tools to help our clients buy or sell with confidence.  



We take a consultative approach to real estate.  We want our clients to have a thorough understanding of the process.  When there are no surprises there is higher comfort level and there is greater success



The largest transaction of your life should be handled and managed by someone you can trust. We will earn your trust.

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