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We understand.  For many of our clients, this is the most important and

 largest transaction they will ever make.  

Oh and by the way this is more than your home-it is the American Dream and 

most importantly it is Your Dream.  

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Buying a home is an emotional and financial process.  Our team will guide you through it





Market analysis, the right price, how to use the latest technology - our team is on it





From your first viewing to the last piece of paperwork - we'll get you through it

The Mindell Difference

Mindell Realty Buyer's Journey


Most realtors: Ask how many bedrooms, baths, square footage and neighborhood

Mindell Realty: We'll ask the basics and we want to know why you are moving, what kind of home you believe will be most comfortable, what your lifestyle is and much more.  We believe you are purchasing a lifestyle and Dream and not just four walls on a lot.  We will begin the pre-approval process with a loan originator so you will be the best positioned buyer in the market.


Most realtors: Will send over listings for you to sift through on your own

Mindell Realty: You will receive listings but with a comprehensive market analysis and report on what the current real estate environment is with them.  Your budget will be understood and you lifestyle so that the listings sent over are curated to you needs.  We'll start to assemble your team if you don't have one and introduce you to experts who will make the transaction easier and provide value to you.


Most realtors:  May or may not be with you during open houses.  Often viewings are short walk-throughs that confirm the pictures you have seen online and many larger firms will send a 'showing agent' to walk through with you-someone you have never met

Mindell Realty: We will go with you to every viewing.  We'll walk carefully and with a keen eye looking to make sure the house is priced right, there aren't major or minor repairs, ensure all lighting and plumbing works, and make certain the house fits you among other items on our checklist.  Our goal is to assess the value of the home in financial terms but also the value to the lifestyle and Dream you outlined in Discovery.


Most realtors: The offer is paperwork to get the purchase started

Mindell Realty: We have a long checklist of activities before an offer is submitted that allows us to move fast and helps make a financially sound decision.  We'll look at the market analysis, run comps for the house and neighborhood, review any defects or repairs that could impact price among other items.  We'll negotiate the best offer and take everything into account before any offer is sent.


Most realtors: The transaction is a series of papers that need to be signed.

Mindell Realty: We will sit down with you and explain all the paperwork you will need to gather and sign.  We'll let you know why are signing the documents put in front of you and we'll manage the timeline and everyone in the process.  At this point the transaction becomes project management and we know how to take you to the finish line. 


Most realtors: Show-up, sign, and take the keys 

Mindell Realty: We'll take you on a final walk-through to make sure what you were promised you are getting.  We'll sit with you and explain the final documents.  We'll make sure everyone on all sides are present.  And finally, we'll celebrate when you get the keys.  Don't be surprised if we visit with a housewarming gift soon after you move.

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